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Open Mic Night!

Plans available from $175No purchase required to enroll Show full pricing
Drum Lessons $175 every month • 1 visit per Week
Guitar Lessons $175 every month • 1 visit per Week
Piano/Keyboard Lessons $175 every month • 1 visit per Week
Bass Lessons $175 every month • 1 visit per Week
Vocal Lessons $175 every month • 1 visit per Week
Mandolin Lessons $175 every month • 1 visit per Week
Ukulele Lessons $175 every month • 1 visit per Week
Adult Program $199 every month • 2 visits per Week • Are you an adult who used to play an instrument but have struggled finding other players to jam with?
Have you always wanted to try guitar, bass, drums, piano, or vocals?
Did you play in a band when you were younger and wish you could do it again?
Are you looking for a fun way to meet new people?

Our Adult Program gives our students the opportunity to play in a band without the stress of finding players, booking rehearsal time, loading gear, and booking shows. It's tons of fun!
Junior Rock School $235 every month • 4 visits per Week •

Participants in Hammersmith’s Junior Rock School Program attend a 30 minute weekly private lesson, then get together to play music with other students at a weekly 90 minute rehearsal, working toward the goal of performing a REAL ROCK CONCERT at the end of each season!

The combination of private lessons with professional musicians and group rehearsals with friends is a proven formula. It increases the speed of the learning process exponentially, and most of all, it’s fun!

The seasonal shows are based around themes. The themes for Fall/Winter 2019 are The Music of David Bowie, Best Songs of 2018/2019, and Songs from Classic Movie Soundtracks. Each rehearsal works on music from each theme, so there will definitely be something to fit every musical taste. Each performer is required to purchase a 10 ticket Show Pack for $99 before the performances, and the tickets are good for any of our shows that season. Come join in on the excitement!

Rock School $275 every month • 2 visits per Week • Hammersmith’s "Rock School" is a fun, inspirational, and educational music program in which students attend private weekly lessons and play together in BANDS! Membership includes a weekly 45 minute lesson and weekly 90 minute band practice.